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released in april 2019

 Living on Campus: An Architectural History of the American Dormitory examines the dwellings of college students set against the backdrop of massive shifts in higher education and proposes that residence halls manifest ideas about student life, education, class, gender, race, and citizenship.

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Wisconsin Public Radio's Morning Show. Interview May 9, 2019 


The architecture of madness

Insane Asylums in the United States


From Kirkbride buildings to cottages, a fascinating tour through America’s nineteenth-century mental hospitals, Carla Yanni tells a compelling story of therapeutic design, from America's earliest purpose-built institutions to the grandiose Kirkbride buildings that dominated asylum construction in the second half of the century. Generously illustrated, The Architecture of Madness is a fresh and original look at the American medical establishment's century-long preoccupation with therapeutic architecture as a means of curing social ills.  

Blurb: The Architecture of Madness is a major contribution to the history of the care and treatment of people with mental illnesses as well as to the history of architecture. It illuminates the manner in which architecture reflects underlying social, intellectual, and medical currents. A must-read.

Gerald N. Grob, author of The Deadly Truth: A History of Disease in America


nature's museums: victorian science and the architecture of display


 In Nature's Museums: Victorian Science and the Architecture of Display (Princeton Architectural Press, 2005; Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000, Athlone, 1999), I explored the presentation of nineteenth-century natural science in Britain through public museums.  I argued that conflicting definitions of nature, from God’s second book to economic resource for exploitation by the empire, could be read in the architecture and display strategies of natural history museums. premium service.

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